Friday, September 7, 2012

Chapter 2 - Sibling rivalry

As Ava aged up into an adult, Noella and Kai knew it was time for them to move on as things were starting to get a little crowded with so many adults in the household!

Now Ava is left to live her life however she pleases now that she is a young adult. As soon as she aged up, it was obvious to her that she would join the singing career in order to fulfill her lifetime wish!

Ava was excited to share her singing talents with her clients. Her job started off well as she nailed one performance after another while entertaining her clients.

However she soon began to stumble as nerves crept up on her. She experienced her first stumble at the front of city hall during a graduation ceremony. It just so happened that her Uncle Phillip saw her stumble as he walked down the steps of city hall from his graduation.

Ava also got the opportunity to perform to friends and family. She visited her great grandfather who is currently living with one of his sons. Conor was very impressed with her performance!

Ava has experienced the good and the bad so far in this new performing career, she has also come across some strange situations too. As she put on the moves for this performance, the whole time she felt that something was not quite right...

Akin has continued to spend time with his high school sweetheart Tawana. He invited her over on the weekend where they spend most of the time chatting and gossiping on the balcony and playing chess.

Sharaya has been spending most of her days befriending Mosey the horse! Sharaya has loved horses all her life and she always dreamed of having the opportunity of riding one. Once Sharaya gave Mosey enough love and attention, she tentatively decided to climb onto Mosey's back and go for a ride!

Sharaya was pretty nervous at first but after a while, Sharaya's confidence grew and she was able to pick up speed as her and Mosey galloped through town. Sharaya felt so free riding Mosey. It was one of the happiest days of her life as this experience is something she had dreamt about since she was a child.

The whole family also received an invitation in the mail for a party at Marcella's house. As the family arrived they realised it was a baby shower! Marcella and Phillip are expecting a baby!

Ava really let loose at the first party she has been to by tearing up the dance floor.

Noella was quick to join in and bust some moves! Dancing is not the only area Noella has come up against Ava in, as Ava soon found out that Noella has changed careers and decided to be a singer also!

As each day passed, it soon became time for Akin to celebrate his birthday! He is now a handsome young man who has gained the technophobe trait!

The whole family went along with Akin to his graduation ceremony at city hall. When they arrived, they were surprised to find Dean Keaton (Dixie's ex who also happened to just gain the role of city mayor) passed out on the steps of city hall. It must be hard being a mayor and a vampire with all of the running around he must have to do for the job in the day time!

As the family waited to head into city hall for the graduation ceremony, each family member had different ideas for how to pass the time. Akin played with a pet rock, Ava read a book while Sharaya and Jimmy shared some affection with a massage.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, Ava decided it was a great opportunity to play to the graduation crowd for tips! Her brother Akin watched on with admiration.

Akin looks up to Ava but he knows he can sing just as well if not better than her. Since Akin has followed Ava's footsteps and hopes to become a vocal legend one day, Akin has also chosen to join the singing career! Since Akin gained a job in the singing career, he has been performing for all of Ava's usual clients and Ava has been struggling to find someone to perform too!

Some serious sibling rivalry is developing between these two! Who will have the singing ability and the talent to make it to the top of the career?